No More Heart Disease: How Nitric Oxide Can Prevent—Even Reverse—Heart Disease and Strokes. By Dr. Louis J Ignarro, Awarded the Nobel Prize for Medicine

In this book Dr. Ignarro offers readers his ‘Say Yes to NO’ regimen for age-proofing your cardiovascular system by enhancing production of nitric oxide (NO) which is the body’s own natural wonder drug. Easy to follow – no extreme lifestyle adjustments - ‘Say Yes to NO’ is a three-step plan that involves taking nitric oxide (NO) boosting supplements (which are readily available), by incorporating NO-friendly food into your diet and following a moderate exercise programme.

NO More Heart Disease demonstrates how to prevent cardiovascular disease and help reverse it – without prescription drugs – a result of more than thirty years of research by this Nobel Prize winning doctor and his team. By practicing what NO More Heart disease preaches, you will be taking a major protective step against heart attacks, strokes and cardiovascular disease

About the Author

Dr Louis J. IgnarroDr Louis J. Ignarro, the author of our new book, No More Heart Disease: How Nitric Oxide Can Prevent - Even Reverse Heart Disease And Strokes, was awarded the 1998 Nobel Prize for Medicine for his research into and discovery of the importance of nitric oxide produced by the human body, which is the subject of this bestselling work. His book is written for the general reader but will prove invaluable also to medical practitioners and nutritionists.


In everyone's lifetime extraordinary discoveries happen, and this is one. Dr. Louis J Ignarro has discovered what will go down in history as the most beneficial help to people with cardiovascular and arterial disorders. This discovery will change many lives and help to reverse and restore chronic conditions to normal functions. This book is so important that it should be in every household.

Dr. Lewis Michael Regan MB, Bch, BAO, MICGP, NUI.

(Dr. Regan practices in Lucan, Co Dublin. He is also a writer with three poetry collections published, including Poems To Goodbye Meadows.)

Cardiovascular disease and stroke are in the top five causes of death and disability in western society. No More Heart Disease proves that this can change dramatically with the proper manipulation of Nitric Oxide. A magnificent book…Dr. Louis Ignarro's research has revolutionised the prevention of vascular disease.

Dr. Thomas Moore, MB, Bch, BAO, MICGP, DCH, DO, MBIMM, Dip Musculosketal Medicine

Read some Brief Extracts

Dr. Ignarro says:—

From the Author’s Note (page viii)
The nutrients I recommend in NO More Heart Disease, including L-arginine, L-citrulline, and a host of heart-healthy foods, are naturally occurring and generally non-toxic at even very high levels. Indeed, one of the most attractive properties of nitric oxide and its ability to enhance cardiovascular health is that it does not produce the undesirable side effects that are prevalent with pharmaceuticals. This stands to reason, because nitric oxide is produced in your own bloodstream—by natural nutrients that are found in abundance in the foods all around you.

Nevertheless, you should consult your physician, who is familiar with your personal medical history, before beginning my recommended health regimen—or any other health program, for that matter.

From the Acknowledgments (page xii)
I was inspired to write this book after I realized that my own basic research and that of my colleagues unravelled new and easy ways to improve and maintain cardiovascular health and overall fitness. Our research on nitric oxide (NO) revealed sufficient knowledge to put every single human being in a position to prevent and to reverse cardiovascular disease. That is, every person now has a choice, a clear choice. When I realized all of this, I tried to think of ways to communicate my beliefs to the millions of people around the world who suffer, many of them unnecessarily, from cardiovascular disease. Certainly, winning the Nobel Prize in Medicine gave me a louder voice to express my views, but primarily to other scientists. What I desperately needed was a way to communicate with everyone. Clearly the answer was to write a book that ordinary people could read and understand. I hope that this book will motivate and help you to attain a level of cardiovascular wellness that will significantly impact your life.

From the Introduction (page xiv)
Winning the 1998 Nobel Prize in Medicine, the culmination of my professional life, confirmed that my decades of research had produced a breakthrough that would profoundly and permanently alter medical science. My colleagues, Ferid Murad and Robert Furchgott, and I had discovered "the atom" of cardiovascular health—a tiny molecule called nitric oxide. NO—as it is known by chemists—is produced by the body specifically to help keep arteries and veins free of the plaque that causes stroke and to maintain normal blood pressure by relaxing the arteries, thereby regulating the rate of blood flow and preventing coronaries. Nitric oxide is the body's natural cardiovascular wonder drug.

No More Heart Disease: How Nitric Oxide Can Prevent - Even Reverse Heart Disease And Strokes
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